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Blind Channel

Blind Channel Resort on Mayne Passage marks the high point of the Discovery Islands. Once you leave here, you’re goin’ to the Broughtons.

Mayne Passage is a hoot! It doesn’t look like rapids, but the current can move along at seven or eight knots. I once saw a boat leave the marina, head out into the channel perpendicular to the flow, and immediately take off sideways at five knots. Amusing to those of us ashore, but probably scary for the captain.

The resort is in the hands of the fourth generation of the Richter family. Through a lot of hard work, they’ve become the moguls of the area. Besides running an excellent marina, they have a water taxi service, fishing excursions, and probably a few other businesses I don’t know about.

A major draw is this restaurant. Year after year, it offers excellent schnitzel, pot roast, and other German dishes.

After dinner, a stroll around the grounds.

Several generations of Richter children have made interesting mosaics from found objects.
Not guest accommodation. 😊 I like the antlers over the door.

The next day, we took a walk through the woods to see a couple of giant cedar trees, one more alive then the other.

I’ve shown you the slots loggers cut into trees in order to stand at the right height for cutting. This one still has the “step” in place.
This clam-like growth looks like he’s about to say something.
This is what results when a cedar tree snaps.

We finished our second day at Blind Channel with another great dinner: Bavarian Pot Roast for me, and Ling cod for Mary Anne. Then it was early to bed. We had to be on our way the next morning at 5:00 to traverse the Green Point and Whirlpool rapids before entering the Johnstone Strait.

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