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Big Bay

We like the Community Dock at Big Bay. It’s simple: no water, no power. There are showers, a laundry, and a store that has mostly booze. And it’s within easy walking distance of Eagle Lake, which is full of eagles and great for swimming.

in order to reach Big Bay, we had to leave Melanie Cove at 6:00am in order to transit the Yaculta Rapids at slack. Our reward for the early departure was a windless cruise over glassy water.

If the rapids are the second “Gate”, we have done one of the five necessary to reach the Broughton Islands via the “inland” route. Tomorrow we’ll do two more: Gillard and Dent. We also have to contend with the current in Blind Channel, which can reach 8 knots.

But tomorrow is another day, tra la. Let’s look at some pictures. Sorry, no eagles this time. There were plenty flying around the lake, but I was in the water without camera.

The trail could use a little maintenance.
There were three row boats here on our last visit. People were free to use them to get to the mid-lake swim platform. The lake bottom here is mud and peat. Not ideal for swimming. But I did.
The cloud of dirty water was the result of my stumbling exit from the lake. The bottom is mostly decaying vegetation. Put a foot wrong and you’ll sink up to your thigh.
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