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Another lake, Another walk

Before I launch into walk photos, I want to acknowledge the fellow above who took it upon himself to guard the Zephyr during our absence. He was sunning himself when I tied up, and still there when we returned.

We dinghied to the other (non-Mike) end of Melanie Cove to walk a trail to a small unnamed lake about a mile from the water. The walk was uphill, the lake overlook offered an opportunity for a drink of water and a snack.

The trail was uphill all the way to the lake, but had far fewer downed trees to deal with.
I love how this guy has taken an octopus-like grip on the rock.
What is that at lakeside? A kayak? Surely not. Getting it to this lake would be a huge effort. Maybe a tarp?
Back to the Zephyr and our faithful guard snake.
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