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Lagoon Cove

Lagoon Cove, like Blind Channel, is a rare example of a successful family-run marina in this sparsely-populated part of the world. Its nice to tuck into a cozy, familiar place and enjoy the afternoon happy hour. Our hosts always contribute a huge pot of prawns.

Happy hour is held outdoors if it’s dry or inside if it’s raining.
The entrance contains “burgees” from various yacht clubs.
The source of all power: the marina’s diesel generator.
Behind the owner’s house lie a few amusements.
Mary Anne practices Air Ping Pong.

We took a short walk after breakfast.

A mini-forest is sprouting on this stump.

We’re off tomorrow to anchor for a couple of days at Hanson Island. It’s said that Double Cove can offer good views of Orcas and Humpbacks swimming by.

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