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Where did everything go?

Ghost is an easy publishing platform to like, but it’s an awkward fit for me. My blog posts usually have a lot of photos, and Ghost makes me import them one by one. Also, I didn’t like that it emailed the entire post rather than a notice that a new post was available.

So, I’ve returned to using WordPress, but with a difference. I didn’t try to convert all the existing posts back to WordPress. Besides being a long, difficult process, I would have once again lost all of your priceless comments and the tags that I placed on each post.

When you next visit my blog, you will find only one post: the last one I wrote about Calder. If you want to revisit older posts, click on the Home button and then select Old Blog.

Good news! You can once again comment without having to Sign In. I think most folks will find this preferable.

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