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Out of the Inlet, Into the Bay

We arose this morning and decided it was time to move on. Drury Inlet and Actaeon Sound were beautiful and isolated but yielded zero bear sightings. Zero humans, too. We didn’t see a living soul or a moving boat for three days.

Here are a few photos I took while exploring the Inlet and Sound, and during our initial exploration of Claydon Bay aboard the Zephyr.

These are photos of Bond Lagoon, an attractive body of water and potentially a great anchorage, if you can get through the very narrow entrance that connects it to Actaeon Sound.

Yonder lies the entrance. It looks wider than it is in this photo. Also, there are rocks below the surface. Would I take Étude through? Probably. Maybe.

These were taken on our way out of Drury Inlet.

Can you spot where the landslide was? Clear land, by landslide or logging, is quickly filled with Alder trees.
This tree is a great example of being willing to reevaluate your plan.

Mary Anne, in her new role as Zephyrmeister, took us on a cruise around Claydon Bay. There are a couple of places with decaying old piers. They were almost certainly associated with logging or fishing activity.

”It’s like a floating garden”, Mary Anne said. Poetic, but no. It’s random plants growing on part of a busted up dock.
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