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Grace Harbour

Take a look at a map. Lund is on the western side of the Malaspina Peninsula. To the east is a large body of water with a number of side channels. We’ve never been there. Many boaters give it a miss in their haste to get to Prideaux Haven, generally known as Desolation Sound.

This time, we decided to visit Grace Harbour, an attractive inlet on the eastern side of Malaspina Inlet. I took a few photos of houses along the way.

This location is superb if you really don’t want neighbors.
I liked the floats hanging down as decorations. You may have to zoom in to see them.
Someone, somewhere thinks this looks good.

Grace Harbour is everything an anchorage should be: sheltered, attractive, easy to anchor. It also has a short trail to a lake. We found remanents of old logging equipment.

The trailhead. Etude in the distance.
Whenever I see something like this I think of the environmental battle cry, “Save the Earth”. Just like this young tree thriving atop the stump of an older one, the Earth is going to shrug us off and keep going should the sad day arrive when we wipe ourselves out via pollution, warfare, or AI.
After a short hike, we reached the uphill lake.

After enjoying the absolute silence lakeside, we retraced our steps, hoisted anchor, and headed further into the Okeover Inlet.

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